homo sapiens


the difference is of degree rather than the character

i always wondered why people are different. why some are good while others are bad. or why this criteria even exist. why we do things that we know deep in our heart are unfair, why we waste time , why we prejudice , why we make ourselves prisoner of past .  then there were also other set of question that why some people are more determined ,  strong willed and better at decision making than the others. why ? why ? these distinction even exist . why are we not perfect ???

and lately i have started noticing the reasons . like every other big secret the reasons behind this too is most simple and common.  it’s the most common fact that nobody is perfect . we all have our own set of demons and fairies . we all suffer from the lackness. 

the existentialist philosopher like Sartre and Heidegger  elucidated it through their philosophies on human existence. so we all are masterpieces in making. we are humans . so we suffer from the issues of pain , love, anxiety , depression . one often desires for self praise , for pure love , for success and comfortable lifestyle.

but the desire to have them varies from person to person . a more enlightened soul would give priority to more aesthetic pleasures of life . she would be more reflective in her day to day life. while the lesser beings are content in their small world.

the point i am trying to make is that all of us are imperfect . we desire almost the same things . but then there are higher values too that we aspire to achieve. one starts young and fresh with high ideals for world in childhood . but as we grow up one starts getting chained down his own human nature.

the difference between men and women , the aristocratic and labor class , the enlightened beings and petty ones is of degree rather than the  character .


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