I stand 

The emotions that surrounds me all the time.

I wish and prayed to heavenly God’s

If I could just go beyond them

And embrace my rational, true nature.


I tried and tried in vain

Only reminding myself of my human nature

These make me what I am

I can’t go beyond them


But I can choose to fight , with grief of failure in heart

I can be courageous ,when clouds are black and future bleak

I can walk the paths ahead ,with my heart bleeding down.


The fear, the uncertainty, the love and hatred.

These don’t bound me, They are part of me

I can’t run away from them

But I can always walk, holding them side by side


Then slowly  fear won’t be that scary,

Pain won’t be that painful

Uncertainty won’t make me that anxious

And I will stand as a better and stronger human


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